15 Things young people should do before they become 30 years old

15 Things young people should do before they become 30 years old

This article is aimed at encouraging you to make a list of things you should achieve before you get to 30 years of age. These things should be a “must achieve” so that you’ll be able to live comfortably and still being respected by people.


1. Know your family history

So many young people grow into adulthood without knowing much about their family histories. This is very bad. In your 30s is when you are most likely to start having children, especially for the males, and how do you tell your family history to your kids if you don’t know it? Know it now before you become 30 years of age.


2. Learn a skill

This is an aspect that so many young people neglect and so many live to regret not learning at least a skill to add to their academic certificate. It can be Fashion design, Catering, Farming, Poultry, Mechanic, photography, programming,etc just look for the one you are interested in and learn it today. It may provide for you tomorrow.


3. Learn to cook

It is so bad that there are many young people in their 20s today who do not know how to cook. This is very bad. Always have it at the back of your mind that you’ll not be with your parents forever, and there’ll come a time when you have to do certain things for yourself such as cooking so you don’t always spend your money at the eateries.


4. Travel to new places

This is very important, travelling is part of learning as widely said. You should visit a city other than the one you live at, or even a foreign country where you can afford. You’ll surely get motivation from the places you visit.


5. Get rid of your bad habits

Don’t keep being addicted to bad habits such as gambling, smoking, partying, alcoholism etc. These habits hinder one’s progress and will in the long run even affect your health. So go for a counselling session and do away with those negative habits of yours.


6. Start saving

Don’t wait till you get old to start saving. Saving is best done when you are still young. You want to be a millionaire? Kindly save 1,000 daily for three years and you’ll see that you’ve become a millionaire in just three years of saving. No matter how little, put something aside each month for saving. It will help you in the future.


7. Learn to do at least a sport

There are different types of sporting activities which exist presently. Learn at least one to keep you active and healthy. It will save you from living a sedentary lifestyle.



8. Get married or find a partner

Everyone should be married or at least should be in a serious relationship before their 30s. This is very important for both the males and females. You aren’t getting any younger and you just have to start thinking of raising your own family.


9. Read at least 20 books

In your 30s, you’ll most likely to become a leader in different organisations so you should have read at least 20 books, aside your academic books please. Readers are leaders. So be a voracious reader if you haven’t read up to 20 books. It’ll expand your knowledge base concerning different topics.


10. Limit your addiction to social media

It is very important you limit the amount of time you spend on social media. If you are already close to 30, you should rather spend more time in yourself and other things that’ll yield productivity in your life.


11. Have a mentor/role model

In your 20s, you should get a mentor or a role model for yourself. Someone with admirable qualities that you’ll like to acquire, you don’t necessarily have to meet them face to face. You can draw inspiration from their lifestyles, programmes, books, etc.


12. Have a means of income

Now this is another very important point, you don’t necessarily have to get a white collar job if there’s none available. You can be a business person, a trader etc provided it is generating income for you it’s okay. Avoid engaging in fraudulent actions to generate money, it may lead to your Waterloo. If you must get married, make sure you have a source of income before doing so.


13. Become a volunteer for the government or any other organisation

It’s very vital that you voluntarily provide helping hand to the government or other organisations to reach out to people. Such programmes may be aimed at allegations poverty, eradication of diseases, or even providing care for people who have suffered from one form of crisis or the other. You’ll not regret doing so at all.


14. Write down your plans

There is this common adage which says “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Before your age of 30 you should pen down your plans of either short or long term which are achievable. In writing your plans, make sure you dream big and avoid making plans that won’t stress you to achieve. Beat your imagine and drive yourself beyond limits.


15. Have a place of your own

I have seen many individuals been disrespected by family members because they still live in family homes. It is worthy of note that at age 30 you should have left your parents to live at your own place. It doesn’t necessarily mean you must have built a house, even if it’s an apartment you are renting it’s fine, provided you are leaving outside your family home. And don’t forget that you shouldn’t marry a woman only to take her to live in your family home. This could be very embarrassing.

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