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3 Questions A Girl Would Ask You If She Likes You, And Men’s Replies Which Usually Ruin Such Moments.

3 Questions A Girl Would Ask You If She Likes You, And Men’s Replies Which Usually Ruin Such Moments.


3 Questions A Girl Would Ask You If She Likes You, And Men Replies Which Usually Ruin Such Moment.

Having a conversation with a lady is one of the best way to get to know more about her and maybe start of something personal with each other. Since one of the best way to know someone is by asking questions.

But Many men don’t know the suitable reply to give to questions being asked by ladies who like them, this obviously usually ruin the moment.

So if a girl asks you question because you asked her to date you, it might just be because she likes you too and want to know your opinion on some issues which are important to her. If the girl isn’t interested, she won’t bother asking this question.

A girl asking about your family and hobbies are normal questions, but asking these set of questions below means your answer would determine if she should proceed with you or not, you have to answer wisely.
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1. A Girl who likes you would want to know what makes her different from the other girls you have dated in the past. Many men usually answer with lines like “I was single before I met you”, which most girls won’t believe. Rather make her understand that our faces are different, so is our lifestyle and you feel hers matches yours, then proceed to compliment her.

If there is anything a woman like, it’s COMPLIMENTS.

2. A girl who likes you would want to test you with the question “What if I have someone”?, this question makes many men heart skip a beat and contemplate on the answer they are about to give, once a lady sense you holding back she would have concluded that you won’t fight for her if the needs arise.

Some men would say that they would back off since she is with another man, this would make the lady loose interest in the guy.

A lady who isn’t interested in a relationship would have told you she has a boyfriend, but she asking that question means she wants to be sure if you are man enough to fight for her.

3. A girl would ask you why you are in love with her, this question is usually tricky as they want to be sure you are not only concerned about her body but want more from her. Most times, men reply with ” because you are beautiful, sexy and smart”, there are a lot to her than those physical attributes.

She wants to hear words like “I feel like you are someone I can connect with while being myself”, that line right there is the game changer, as she would never have second thoughts about her feeling for you.

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