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“Advice Bobrisky before he becomes transparent” — Comedian, Gordons (Video)

Nigerian comedian, Gordons has asked Nigerians to give a stern warning to socialite, Bobrisky over his incessant use of bleaching products.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the comedian tells people to warn Bobrisky to limit his use of bleaching products or else, he’ll become transparent very soon.

Gordon is head saying that we probably might soon start seeing the socialite’s internal organs if he continues bleaching his skin.

Watch him speak below,

It’s no doubt that Bobrisky consistently uses bleaching products as a while back, he was one of the top bleaching products seller in the country, with him revealing he sells his products in and out of the country.

To prove that his product actually works, he occasionally shows off his skin and reveals he actually uses his products and as such, he can guarantee that they work.

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