Nomsa Bembe, a 39 year old nurse has called out on men to look at her and that she’s also a woman like every other girl out there. According to Nomsa, she said she’s frustrated now and that no matter how she dresses, men don’t seem to notice her.

They just pass her by without saying hello or anything. She says she thinks her situation has something to do with her village people, probably they are using charms on her so that she will never see a person to call a husband.

“I just dress to kill everyday even when I go to work in the hospital. I’m living fine right now but my only problem is there’s no man in my life. When I was 23-24 years old, I have always been a hot prospect. Men were rushing me but as time passes by, the situation changed for the opposite. I feel rejected.

I have also been giving the doctors some signals to date me but they don’t seem to be understanding or they are just ignoring me outrightly. I’m 39 and will become 40 years old by next year February yet there are no signs of marriage? Guys, tell me if I have a problem, i will try hard to rectify the problem. What is really wrong? She cried.

Nomsa Bembe said she’s considering visiting a traditionalist to rectify her problems cos she thinks somebody is dealing with her traditionally.