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Australian artist Plini accuses Doja Cat of using his work for recent ‘Say So’ performance

Australian instrumental artist Plini has accused Doja Cat of using his work for a recent performance of ‘Say So’ without giving “proper credit”.

In case you missed it, Doja Cat performed her global hit ‘Say So’ at the MTV Europe Music Awards, transforming the song from a disco-influenced pop cut into a searing metal-inspired track.

Now, Plini has claimed on Instagram that parts of the arrangement for the new version of the song have been taken from his 2016 cut ‘Handmade Cities’.

Posting a comparison of the two, Plini – full name Plini Roessler-Holgate – wrote, “[I] think it’s an awesome performance… and more than anything, find it absolutely hilarious that something i wrote 4 years ago in my bedroom would find its way here.”

However, he shared his dismay about not being contacted prior to the performance.

“[T]he lack of prior communication about it or proper credit upon release is disappointing but not particularly surprising in a sector of the industry that is usually more interested in clout than creativity,” he said.

Plini did reveal that the dispute was currently being addressed, saying that it “would have been cooler a million views ago”. Doja Cat’s performance has 1.3million views on YouTube at the time of writing.

Doja Cat has yet to publicly respond to the claims.

‘Handmade Cities’ is the title track of Plini’s debut album, which also dropped in 2016. The follow-up, ‘Impulse Voices’, is set for release on Friday 27 November.

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