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Baked Bread Turned Into A Snake & Shop Owner Accused Of Witchcraft

Last updated on January 8, 2021


The local residents were baffled to see the bread that they buy and eat turn into snacked right in front of their very eyes when they went to purchase freshly baked bread this morning.

The shop Owner had now been accused of witchcraft and local residents are threating to burn the evil witch and his supermarket because he is bewitching them to come buy food in his shop by using evil powers.


People remark about how delicious the bread is and they have being addicted to it ever since the supermarket opened a years ago in their township.

Local authorities do not know what to do in this Delema because they do not have tangeble evidence on Witchcraft and the law does not believe in Ukuthwala.


Ukuthwala is a witch practice where people use dangerous animals like snack to bring them customers and money into their lives by sacrificing human blood to the animal once in a while.


Few weeks ago there were 3 children missing and this has lead the community to believe that the shop owner is really for their disappearance to feed his snake.


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