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Bari Reps St. Louis With 18-Track Album “F*@k It… Burn It All Down”

St. Louis artist Bari has been bubbling as of late thanks to his affiliations with the Zero Fatigue label which also contains the likes of Smino. Bari and Smino have even collaborated with one another, although Bari has certainly done a great job carving out his own late. On Friday, Bari came through for his fans as he dropped an 18-track project called F*@k It… Burn It All Down, and at 41 minutes in length, there is certainly a lot of content to digest.

For the most part, Bari handles the album all by himself except for the song “Ecstasy Partner” which contains a feature from the likes of Alley Knock. Overall, it’s a solid project from the artist and if you’re interested in giving Bari a shot, you can stream the album, below.


1. Spit In The Sky
2. Tropiks
3. Glowin
4. Jiggaman
5. Sosabucks
6. Fury
7. Ecstasy Partner (feat. Alley Knock)
8. Annoyin’ (It’s Up)
9. All of Sudden
10. Set Fire
11. Susanoo
12. Angel Dust
13. One Night
14. Im Raw
15. Heart Is Valuable
16. Off The Floor
17. Copy Det
18. Snow

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