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Beautiful Girl With 2 Vaginas Set Social Media On Fire, See How She Has Been Coping (+18 Video)

A young woman with two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs only found out she had the condition known as Uterus Didelphys (Uterus Didelphys means one with 2 cervixes, two vagina and two wombs) five years after giving birth to her daughter.

Elizabeth Amoaa, 36, of Walsall, had been diagnosed with uterine fibroids and told by doctors that she was very unlikely to be able to conceive. However, in 2010 Elizabeth fell pregnant and she gave birth to her “miracle baby”, daughter Rashley, 9, with scans completely missing her rare gynecological condition.


The mother-of-one was eventually diagnosed with Uterus Didelphys in 2015 after an MRI, and then keyhole surgery the following year revealed she also had a double cervix and womb.

Elizabeth fell pregnant again in 2017, but after suffering a miscarriage she set up SpecialLady, an organization dedicated to educating women and young girls on gynecological conditions and menstrual hygiene.

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