“Bring Him To Calabar let’s Check His DNA” – People React to photos of a Woman’s Big Dog.

"Bring Him To Calabar let's Check His DNA" - People React to photos of a Woman's Big Dog.


Dogs are Cute animals that are kept by humans for different purposes. One of the main reasons why people own dogs is for security and protection.

Earlier today as I was surfing the internet, I came across a post of a very huge and never seen before Dog. This Dog is like the size of a baby cow. Just so you know, it’s bigger than it’s owner and this really got a lot of people saying different things about the type of breed the dog belongs to.

From the above picture, you can see that this brown dog, with shades of black is literally big and happy at the same time. It’s paws are like that of a big cat and it can easily pass for a lion if seen at night.

As usual, a lot of people aired their opinion about the massive size of this dog. Some suggested that it should be taken to Calabar to confirm it’s DNA:

So guys what is your take on this?
Have ever seen this size of Dog before?


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