Can Malt And Milk Give You Blood? See What Malt And Milk Does To Your Body

Can Malt And Milk Give You Blood? See What Malt And Milk Does To Your Body

In Nigeria, there’s a general belief or let me just say a myth that Malt and Milk can give you blood. Malt whether Maltina, Amstel, Dubic, Guinness, Beta Malt or Hi Malt combined with Peak milk and sometimes Three Crowns milk, when mixed together and taken, will automatically boost our blood level and can cure any forms of anaemia.

In many homes in Nigeria, malt mixed with milk is taken as blood tonic to treat anaemia. Sometimes blood donors are advised to take malt and milk before and after donation, which is totally uncalled for.

In this article, we are going to see if the combination of malt and milk can really acts as a blood tonic and cures anaemia. We’ll also going to see what the combination of malt and milk does to our body

According to Dr. Olufunmilayo, who is a UK based practitioner, he said the combination of malt and milk does are not blood tonic and therefore does not boost our blood level or volume when taken. That means they do not really give blood as claimed by our African parents. It’s just an Energy drink

However, Dr. Olufunmilayo gave Kudos to Pumpkin leave as a blood tonic or booster because it contains high amount if iron.

If you still have doubt, let’s look at the content list of both peak milk and Malt

As seen in the image above, let’s see the content of Peak Milk first, from the following image, we’ll be able to bring out the constituents of Peak Milk. Like we all know, Blood tonic consists of iron but peak milk only contains fats, carbohydrates and proteins

100g of peak Milk contians 28.3g Of Fat

506 kilocalories of energy

37.1g carbohydrates.

25g protein.

And others are rest are salt, vitamin A and D.

So essentially Peak Milk is mainly fats, carbohydrates and protein. Blood tonics are supposed to be rich in IRON which is easily absorbable by the body and that’s what the body uses to make blood. Peak Milk really does not have any of this.

Blood tonics usually contains Iron because that’s what your body needs to build blood, that’s why if your blood is low, doctors normally gives you IRON sulfate capsules

Take a Look at the images of actual blood tonics and see that how they are ALL rich sources of Iron and how its stated on the pack.

The truth is that if you are hoping to “build blood”, and you are drinking Peak Milk mixed with malt, – you are just wasting your time. And money.

Okay let’s take a look of what Maltina contains

What does it contain?

Look at the attached images.

Maltina like any malt drink contains mainly calories and carbohydrates (Sugar) with just a very little fat and vitamins. It does not contains IRON at all. This is the main reason why Doctors said that Malt and Milk does not give you blood because both of them are not rich in Iron.

As seen above, both milk and malt doesn’t give iron and won’t form blood in your body, so please let’s be guided

If malt and milk does not gives blood, then what does it do to the body?

Malt and milk only gives energy for nacks and help replace energy lost just like other energy drinks.

Malt and milk only helps you to Gian weight when taken often, taking large amount can increase bad cholesterol “LDL” and can lead to hypertension, heart attack and heart disease.

Note: IF something is NOT really rich in Iron, it can NEVER give blood.


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