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Can You Eat This Bush Meat Caught By This Man Even With These Health Implications

Can You Eat This Bush Meat Caught By This Man Even With These Health Implications

Bush meat brings human into contact with wildlife, creating a prime path for the transmission of diseases like Ebola as well as new emerging infections diseases.

In most regions, grasscutters also known as cane rat are widely distributed in the wild. They are mostly found in Central and West Africa.

In Nigeria, it is referred to as rich people’s meat but in the Igbo land precisely, it is popularly known as “Nchi or bush meat. This is a delicacy eaten either roasted or with pepper soup.

Unknowingly to many people, this bush baby meat called “Nchi or Grasscutter is known to carry about 40 zoonotic pathogens.

Zoonoses are known as those diseases and infections naturally transmitted between people and vertebrate animals. This zoonoses are three classes, which includes,

*endemic zoonoses: which are present in many places and affect many people and animals.

*epidemic zoonoses: which are sporadic in temporal and spatial distribution and

*emerging and re-emerging zoonoses which are newly appearing in a population or have existed previously but are rapidly increasing in incidence or geographical rang. E.g.

Pandemic influenza, Yellow fever, SARS, West Nile virus and middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus etc.


Grasscutter which is known to carry about 40 zoonotic pathogens, including




And fungi

Previously before the outcome of some diseases, people eat nchi meat with full assurance of no any health effect or implications, but with the recent happenings in world today, one should desist from it for safety.

If you insist on eating it, make sure you cook it properly on your own without patronising road side sellers.


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