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Can You Marry A Female Soldier? See 23 Photos Of Female Troops Around The World

The same way we have male soldiers is the same way we have female soldiers all over the world. Most especially in America, India and Nigeria, female soldiers are very common and a lot of civilians usually fear them because they believe some of them are even stronger than them.

Mostly among we NIGERIANS, we find it hard to approach any female soldier. We believe they are iron ladies and any small misunderstanding between us could lead to a fight, and for sure, we can’t handle them.

I could still recall, there was a time, a female soldier in Nigeria took to her Twitter page to ask why guys are also afraid to ask them out in marriage. And she got a lot of answers, however, below are some reasons why I feel that female will be the best for civilians.

1) If you marry a female soldier, she will forever be grateful that you took the boldness to marry her and as a result of that, she won’t want to loose you. She knows if she loses you, she won’t get another man.

2) Female soldiers are rich, because normally soldiers get enough money from the government, so if you get married to one, money won’t be your problem.

3) If you have any issues, she will be there for you to challenge anyone who’s fighting against you. All you have to do is to report to her.

4) If you marry a female soldier, she will trust you with everything she has because they are taught to always respect their men.

5) If you marry a female soldier, you will excel in life because they are thought both civil law and also military law. There won’t be any problem for you because they’re educated.
What’s stopping you from marrying a female soldier?

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