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Check What Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Will Do To All Black And White Children In America Soon

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the president-elect and vice president-elect respectively have a big plan for all children in America, whether they are black or white, whether male or female.

According to Kamala Harris, she and Joe Biden will show every child in America regardless of colour and gender that there are no ends to who can leader them and hold positions of power in their country.

Kamala Harris said that they will show this to every child in America in eight days to come.


This shows how indiscriminate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are to the races in America. They are concerned about every life in America and they are committed to securing and ensuring the comfort of all as their tenure lasts.

They didn’t talk about the white alone, but both white and black as they mentioned “regardless of color). Indeed, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have good intentions for America and the whole world at large.

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