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Curly J Returns With Infectious New Single “Bag Different 3.0”

Curly J is a bubbling artist out of New York and those who have discovered him are well-aware of just how catchy his songs are. His “Bag Different” single was a big hit on SoundCloud and since that time, he has been releasing multiple installments in the “Bag Different” series. The latest of these iterations is “Bag Different 3.0” which sees Curly J bringing even more melodies to the table.

Throughout this song, the artist can be heard offering some braggadocios lyrics about his newfound status. His confidence is certainly on a new level, and understandably so given what he accomplished thus far.

Check out the track below, and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Got her friends with meand they all kissin’
He ain’t gettin no money, he cappin’
Know his girl with me, what happened?
I’m a young CEO just rapping
Now she throwin’ that ass, just clapping
Promise I be rich, better happen

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