The attack on Capitol last week was the last straw for many. The individuals claiming to be “patriots” stormed the Congressional building where things were stolen and a group of individuals plotted an assault on Nancy Pelosi and the hanging of Pence. Inevitably, they weren’t patriotic at all as they fed into the “stop the steal” campaign to prevent Biden’s win from being certified.

CNN, of course, has continued to call out Trump’s shenanigans over the course of his term but Don Lemon seemingly reached a boiling point last night. As law enforcement officials continue to crack down on the Trump supporters that raided Capitol, Jacob Chansley, who infamously rocked the viking helmet during the riot, has apparently refused to eat. The prison’s lack of “organic food” has apparently kept Chansley from eating which has apparently been fixed since. Along with a Trump campaign rep calling the outgoing president “the most masculine person to ever hold the White House,” Don Lemon was livid at the level of sensitivity the right has shown in the past week.

“Snowflakes. Cowards. The president’s legacy will be not the most masculine president but the biggest loser we’ve ever had as president. Maybe that should’ve been the name of his show instead of The ApprenticeThe Biggest Loser,” Lemon said.

Check out the clip below.