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DreamDoll Joins G4 Boyz & G4Choppa On “Prada” Remix

G4 Boyz have been among those at the forefront of scam rap, though not in the same way of a Teejayx6. They bring that lavish East Coast swag with references to foreign cars and expensive brands, such as Prada. So, of course, they would make an anthem inspired by the brand. Their record, “Prada” ft. G4choppa, emerged earlier this year following their single, “Local Scammer.” As it continues to gain steam, they’ve enlisted DreamDoll for the remix. DreamDoll delivers boss b*tch vibes on her verse as she accompanies the G4 Boyz. “Prada, prada, you know it’s time to shop/ Bitches cop an outfit with they homies and they swap,” she raps on her verse.

Check out the remix to G4 Boyz & G4Choppa’s “Prada” ft. DreamDoll below.

Quotable Lyrics
Prada, Prada, you know I got it all
This straight from Milan, you can’t find this in no mall
Take a picture with me, frame it, hang it on your wall
Cop me a brand new bag and bring it, hang it from your balls

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