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He Was 58yrs Old While I Was 20yrs Old When He Married Me & We Are Living Happily

Last updated on January 10, 2021

Love is sweet and also interesting, it is a thing some people can’t wait to get into. A young lady shares her story of how she found her husband seven years ago when she went out for a job interview. She shared the story of how she has lived with her husband since they got married and how her love life has gone so far in Facebook.

According to the young lady, she said that it all started seven years ago when she went for a job interview. As she was waiting for her turn to be interviewed, she sat on a chair waiting patiently and also lifted a book pretending to be reading it. Literally, it was the book that started their love life.

The man approached where she was and asked her whether someone has occupied part of her seat. But she said no, then the man sat and they started discussing about many things.

According to her, she said that he made her very happy and also made her laugh which he is still doing hitherto. She said he was 50 years old then while she was just 20 years old. But before he left, he asked for her phone number which she gave to him. That’s how love nwantinti started and till today they are living happily.

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