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“I Know I Have Been Single For Long But God Has Been Great”, Lady Share Touching Story About Life

I want to make it clear to people here in South Africa that being single is not a misfortune and that doesn’t make you an underachiever. So lace your shoes, be strong and never fall victim of people’s Judgement because whatever you do, they will still complain.

Why I admire our young women is that, hardly can you see anyone who is lazy. No matter how little the work is they will always do it to save money for the future.

Away from that, a young lady have come out to share her story as a single who has been working so hard to reach her potential. She maintained that being alone does not mean unhappiness as she uses her situation as a case study.

She said, I can’t remember the last time I was sad even when I understand that I have been single for long while waiting for God to unite me with Mr Right.


However, she encouraged other South African girls who are of the same status to work towards their goals while praying for God to lead their way.

What’s your take on this?

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