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I Married My Wife In The Dream And She Made Me The Richest Man In The World I Am Living In

I married my wife in the dream and she made me the richest man in the world that I am leaving in.

I am not living in the world that everybody lives in but, I have my own unique world where I live with my wife whom I have married in the dream. I was living in poverty for over five years and she came to me in the dream and told me that you can make me rich.

I accepted the offer and indeed I am the richest man in the world that I am leaving in. Me and my wife we only meet in the night. and where I am living there are lot of cars and also mansion’s that she bought for me. She told me that in this temporal world she has nothing for. me because this is just a temporary world.

She told me that when I die I will leave with her in that world forever where I am the richest man in the world. When I meet her in the dream I feel like I must not come back in this world because in this world I am suffering but where I am living in the night I am the richest person.

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