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If You Are A Lady, Don’t Open This Message! (Guys Only)

When I look up to heaven in viewing the sky, what I always discover is nothing rather than the pure creation of God Almighty!

Just as beautiful as the brightening sky, that’s how God intended for any male figure to be.

He created everything, and gave a man (male figure) an opportunity to rule over any other things that sits on the surface of the earth including women!

But it seems like plenty of men never observe this great opportunity so as to grasp it with full heart in achieving what the purpose of this life prepared for them.

Instead many went astray with the exact purpose, and only few among them achieved what is set for a man to enjoy!

Every man wants money, mansion and TRUE love, no man wants a FAKE love, but because many of them discover not this opportunity which is already given to them as men to put it in work so as to get this True Love! Thus many ended in tears….

But what’s this opportunity I’m talking about? Well listen very careful, the opportunity is nothing but the full energy and wisdom you are given by God to work hard in pursuing your career!

Have you ever wonder why a guy at 18 will start making little money by himself even if he is from a poor family? While a young lady at 25 will still be demanding money from her parents or boyfriend?

Well! It’s just because a man has a free opportunity to work everyday!

A man can travel from Borno to Lagos without knowing anybody there and after two days he will become familiar with the people who are living there and start making money till he get rich. But a woman can not do this because she’s never given this opportunity Otherwise she will be called a prostitute!

Women are products just like any other products you buy, that’s why they don’t mostly need to gather money before they will enjoy life! A rich man can buy and marry her, but no woman can buy you as a man to marry you, that’s mean you are never a product but a buyer!

If you understand the above, you will discover that this world is on your hands as a male born.


This true love you are finding, it’s no more much in this generation only your money can give you access to a true love.

What I’m saying? Well! When you finally understand that you have energy and ability as an opportunity to work and gather money, and you really focus on it till you achieve your goal, there you will see women coming and begging for your love.

Stop spending your small earning on women if you are still hustling otherwise when these little money finish, they will runaway to already made dudes whenever they approach them.

No woman wants to suffer, so stop thinking of true love while you have little money, make them big then true love will follow your back!

That girl you’ve been spending money on her can run away to a rich man whenever he comes to her proposal, and there you will realize that you have two zeros,,, why? Yes because that small small money you spends on a girl if to say you will be putting them in your account before you realize it’s a big money!

So the two zeros is,,,, no more your love,,,, no money!

Don’t give her your hustling money, let her assumes you are stingy and let her go, but the truth is that, when you gather those small money and invest them, she will later realize her mistake and come back!

And this will be better than spending on her after those your small money have finish then she will be the one to leave you for another man who gathered the money, which can even make you heart attack!

If you don’t have money as a guy, you will be the one to propose to any lady you admired, but when you finally become rich even the ladies who doesn’t like you before will be the one to seek for your love!

So use the opportunity as a man hustle harder until you reach the sky! Even if it will take you to live your state, live until you finally make it!

Remember that as a man you have many opportunities for making money which women doesn’t have, so don’t play with this great attribute which God has given you!

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