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If You Don’t Know How To Approach A Girl On The Road, Do These 4 Things

Approaching a girl on the road is tougher for some men than a work interview. When they talk to a mysterious girl for the very first time, they become nervous. This emotion ends up making them look weird when talking. Others don’t want to pursue at all because they are scared of any potential rejection or the humiliation they may receive. If you’re the sort of guy who doesn’t know how to approach a weird girl on the lane, or you’re not prepared to face the discomfort you might get from her rejection, then you would want to read this article carefully to the end to know how to proceed with your next attempt.


The way some guys show themselves, at first sight, is one of the things that cause most rejections from people. If you want to approach a crazy girl on the road in the hope of decreasing your rejection score, then you ought to do these four points below.

1] Smile.

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It is a very welcome definition to have a huge smile on your face when meeting a mysterious girl for the very first time. She’ll be secure the moment she sees your vibrant face and be assured that you are not a future threat to her precious life. As a result, she will be more relaxed standing and listening to whatever you have to say.

2] Use “Please.”

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It’s very persuasive to use the word ‘please’ when meeting a mysterious girl for the very first time. When meeting a female, some guys get aggressive and too controlling; that is not good at all. If you handle her rudely, no girl can stand up and speak to you. Let her see that you have tremendous regard for women, and in exchange, I assure you that she will regard you.

3] Call Her Pretty.

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If you want her to stand and listen to whatever you have to say, naming a girl cute or sexy as a first attempt is indeed a really smart idea. When they’re referred to as cute or nice, a very strong number of girls enjoy it; it hits a vulnerable spot in their souls. Do this and she’d be forced to give you plenty of time to hear you out.

4] Keep Some Space.

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Stopping a girl you don’t know from Adams and walking very close to her face is very creepy. This could make her feel afraid and walk out on you. You need to realize that because she is afraid of her life too, she wants her own space. And it should behoove you to ensure that when interacting with her by keeping some distance from her, she is confident of her wellbeing.

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