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Israel is ‘usurper and hostile entity to our Islamic nation…the people will not hesitate to declare jihad’

Wait a minute! Wikipedia assures me that jihad is “an Arabic word which literally means striving or struggling, especially with a praiseworthy aim.” And Google says that it is a “a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam,” adding that it is “the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin.” Encyclopedia Britannica says jihad is “a meritorious struggle or effort. The exact meaning of the term jihād depends on context; it has often been erroneously translated in the West as ‘holy war.’ Jihad, particularly in the religious and ethical realm, primarily refers to the human struggle to promote what is right and to prevent what is wrong.”

These definitions are all strictly correct and yet misleading in various ways. Wikipedia’s doesn’t give any idea that this “striving or struggling” could involve warfare. It does touch on this farther down in its explanation, but the part I quoted is all that one sees when searching for “jihad” at Google. Google’s first definition is correct, but doesn’t give any indication that this struggle could involve violence, and the second definition gives the opposite impression. Britannica is even worse: it is true that jihad does not mean “holy war”; it means “struggle.” But leading with this and never mentioning that there can actually be a martial component to jihad is actively misleading.

Here Fadl Abu Talib fulminates against Israel and threatens jihad in a sense that obviously means warfare. Where did he get this idea? From the Islamic doctrines of jihad that are presented above. Fadl Abu Talib believes that attacking Israel is a “praiseworthy aim,” and a “fight against the enemies of Islam,” and a “meritorious struggle or effort.” But mainstream analysts and Western politicians just write him and others like him off as twisting and hijacking the religion of peace.

Meanwhile, note that he believes that Israel is a “hostile entity to our Islamic nation.” The Islamic aspect of the Israeli-Arab conflict is universally ignored, except among Muslims. Find out why it is so important in The Palestinian Delusion.

“‘We will not hesitate to declare jihad against Israel’: Houthis,” Al Masdar News, January 11, 2021:


BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:10 P.M.) – A member of the political bureau of the Ansarallah Movement Yemen, Fadl Abu Talib, warned that “if the Israeli enemy gets involved in any foolishness against the people of Yemen, the people will not hesitate to declare jihad for the sake of God against this enemy.”

Abu Talib said that the Ansarallah forces “will not hesitate to direct the harshest possible strikes to target very sensitive targets against the Israeli enemy entity.”

Regarding the Israeli statements to monitor the situation in Yemen, he said: “The statements of the Zionist war criminals have been repeated, which talk about Yemen as a threat to the Zionist entity. Therefore, we would like to recall here what Sayyed Abdul-Malek Badreddine Al-Houthi said, may God protect him, that our position regarding hostility to Israel as a usurper and hostile entity to our Islamic nation is a principled, humanitarian, ethical and religious commitment in which we meet with the free and honorable of our Islamic nation.”

He warned: “If the Israeli enemy gets involved in any folly against our people, our people will not hesitate to declare jihad for the sake of God against this enemy, just as we will not hesitate to direct the harshest possible blows to target very sensitive targets on the entity of the Israeli enemy.”

Abu Talib also commented on a report by the Haaretz newspaper, which stated that Israel will soon be able to use the military base that will be completed on the Yemeni island of Socotra.

“The two regimes, the Saudi and Emirati, are just tools for the Americans and the Israelis in the aggression against the Yemeni people, which was mainly aimed at achieving American and Israeli goals and ambitions. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and the UAE seek to find a foothold and direct control for Washington and Israel on Yemeni soil, especially the strategic Yemeni island of Socotra, which is occupied by the UAE, and its tool called the Transitional Council, where it operates with the UAE and the Zionist entity to establish Zionist military and intelligence bases.”…


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