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“It’s a sign of hypocrisy to tag others evil while we paint ourselves saints” — Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has said it’s hypocritical for people to tag other people as evil and consider themselves saints.

The actor and lawyer urged his followers to reduce the amount of judgement they have of other people as this is the only path to peace.

He updated his followers with some of his newest photos on the photo-sharing app and gave it the caption,

Good morning friends. It’s a sign of hypocrisy to tag others as evil while we paint saintly pictures of ourselves. The only path to peace is to reduce the amount of judgement in our lives and gradually seal our lips when tempted to utter judgment about others

The actor celebrated his son, Clinton Onyechigoziri Onyekwere on his birthday, November 10. The thespian took to his social media page to celebrate his son’s birthday with style as he shared photos of the lad with one of him at a tender age.

He captioned his photos on his Instagram page, as thus;

“Happy birthday to my son, Clinton Onyechigoziri Onyekwere (Onyeze Mbaise)”.

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