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Ladies! If You Found Your Boyfriend Like This On Your First Visit Will You Still Date Him?

Love is a beautiful thing, love controls the world. There is common saying that love is blind and love isn’t about money. This adage do make me confused if its right or just hearsays, wondering how many ladies can cope as the guy do cope with love.

Ladies always believe that they do love better than the men, which I isn’t always true, most ladies love you possibly because they still see some benefit they are getting from you.

There is this trending picture of an poor room having a man siting on a naked foam on the floor. The picture is a pointer to a question asked by a social media user, identified as Atasie Wisdom, the question was so pertinent that several ladies have to rush to the comment section to comment what they think.

He asked “Ladies Be Sincere, If You Found Him Like This On Your First Visit Will You Continue?

I believe man are capable of loving than woman. If most men see a lady as such many of them will still love the lady. Now as a lady what will you do after visiting your boyfriend at home in the first date and you found him like this?

see some comment of Nigerian ladies below

Some of the commenters said the room is dirty not that it’s poor, what make that room dirty, it’s just a poor room. If it’s a rich guy and the room two piece of cloth are lying on the floor, will you say it’s dirty. Only two piece of cloth are on the floor which look like it’s rag maybe for carpet cleaning, I don’t think it’s dirty but the room is poor.

love is blind! Money isn’t love! But seeing your boyfriend room like this, will love still be blind or love won’t still be money?

let share your view! Guys gather here and read from the ladies. If you are a bold lady comment your opinion about this.

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The bills accumulating from the CS, incubation, drugs, accommodation and other charges, are estimated at N4million plus.

“Even if I save my salary for ten years without removing a dime for tithe or tax, I wouldn’t raise that money,” said Mr. Colins, Uzoamaka’s husband. The two had been married since 1997, but had no child. It was a traumatic experience, said the couple.

“Even within the family, I was mocked and called barren. People made reference to me whenever they were talking about childlessness,” said Uzoamaka.
For Colins, “Not easy is an understatement,” he said. “My confidence to stand and preach was almost eroded. How can you tell others to believe in God when they can clearly see that you have a need that he has yet to solve?” added the Cleric.
The announcement of the coming of the babies was “unbelievable”, said the two.

“I almost did not believe it. I just couldn’t fathom the miracle,” said Colins.
Uzoamaka on the other hand almost shedded tears of joy throughout the pregnancy. “I was just happy and I still am,” she said.

Their happiness is however being extinguished by the bills which are still building, as long as they are in the hospital. Each day, a 3 thousand accommodation fee is charged. During the incubation of the babies, 5 thousand was charged every day for each child. Spendings are still made on a daily basis for drugs, food, diapers and other necessities.

Thanks and thanks again everyone 🙏


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