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Lady cries out after meeting a man in a hotel, Check out her story(Video)

It is critical for women to be aware of where they are headed, who they are, and where they will meet an alien.

The social media fired a lady on Instagram, Queen Benson (a.k.a. Queence Benna), who shouted about a Nigerian man who used her on the social networks at a hotel called the Transcorp Hotel in Abuja.

She believed that the man had taken advantage of her, believing the man to be a medical practitioner who had been advising her to visit the physician for so long, but had tried to deny the offer.


But the lady went to Abuja for her show of music and ended up in a Transcorpian hotel. They were at the same place, where the man called the lady, and she looked like she’d just see him, and they were all at the same hotel, but they didn’t try to hurt her feelings.

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