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Lil Wayne and Pop Smoke Join Forces for “Iced Out Audemars (Remix)”


Lil Wayne and Pop Smoke Join Forces for “Iced Out Audemars (Remix)”

Lil Wayne has joined Pop Smoke for a remix of “Iced Out Audemars,” a track that appeared on the late rapper’s Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon (Deluxe).

Clocking in at a little over three minutes, the new version doesn’t include original featured artist Dafi Woo and instead hears Weezy on a verse, the chorus and an outro where he pays homage to Pop Smoke: “Rest in peace to Pop/We here today, we gone tomorrow/That’s the art of war/Too many fallen stars/New York, New Orleans boys.”

Steven Victor, the owner of the label Pop Smoke is signed to, recently touched on the rapper’s legacy and the struggle of completing Shoot For The Stars without him present. The label executive called Smoke a “super wise beyond his years and a very caring and thoughtful person,” and explained that it was “super depressing” to finish his debut album after his untimely death. “A lot of times, I’d think about what he wanted: the way the album sounded. He always wanted to be a global artist and be able to make different colored music of all the different things that had an impact on him,” he said. “He really loved R&B, Afrobeat, the drill sound, New York hip-hop. Putting all those things together and packaging it out, I’d think about the times we had together. Making sure that I put together something he’d be proud of.”

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