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Meet The Woman Who Has Lived Inside Water For Over 20 Years (photos)

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Meet The Woman Who Has Lived Inside Water For Over 20 Years

She lives interior water due to ordinary illness This is a totally unhappy tale of a lady whose situation has made lifestyles hard for her to stay and revel in lifestyles like others.

Imagine residing with a disorder that reasons you pains and leaves you completely infected and sore. This is what this lady is going through. each time air performed on her frame, 


it reasons her severe pains.Paturani Hosh from West Bengal, India nearly lives interior water . In 1998, the sixty five yr vintage lady changed into identified with a ordinary and mysterious disorder that left her frame badly infected, painful and sore.

For the closing two decades she have been suspended for 12 to fourteen hours in an afternoon to submerge in a lake endure her domestic all as it relieves her from the pains.

Too terrible to get handled in a consultant hospital. Hosh, receives up on the crack of sunrise and walks to the lake in which she submerges herself as much as her neck and stays there till sundown as it’s the handiest manner to alle…te her from the pains.


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