Muslim leader claims that Islam ‘readily accepts criticism’

Muslim leader claims that Islam ‘readily accepts criticism’

I wonder if Mohammed Moussaoui could give even a single example of this ready acceptance of criticism of Islam’s “foundations, its beliefs, its credo.” In over two decades, all I have seen are torrents of abuse and character assassination directed at anyone who utters the mildest negative word, including even exposition of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and oppression.

“Separatism: CFCM ensures that ‘Islam accepts criticism,’” translated from “Séparatisme: le CFCM assure que «l’islam accepte la critique,»” by Jean-Marie Guénois, Le Figaro, January 11, 2021 (thanks to Mason):

It was inevitable. Interviewed Monday by the National Assembly’s Law Commission, which is preparing the law “on respect for the principles of the Republic” and previously called out “Muslim separatism”, Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of Muslim Faith, was questioned on the status of criticism in Islam. “Islam readily accepts criticism of it,” he replied, “including its foundations, its beliefs, its credo. This is not incompatible with freedom of expression. It is fundamental, it is a tool and an important value for Muslims as well.”

The Muslim leader then clarified: “I think that our fellow citizens who want to criticize our religion, its foundations, or who want to be surprised about certain practices have the right to do so in complete freedom. And Muslims should not take offense at this. On the other hand, they must respond with dignity, in a contradictory intellectual debate, they must…


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