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“My brother slept in my room for a night, see what he did to me all night”

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Social medias is a wide platform, were various informations are shared, the kind of information we receive on social media are mostly true while some are false because social medias are mostly for entertainment are contacting one and other.

A post was made on social media recently, and there kind of post are getting much recently on social media, leaving a space for believe, that these kind of stuffs really happens in real life, as they say ” you don’t see what is not there”.

This lady shared an information of her self getting driven by her own blood brother, after she went through hard times find satisfaction in the hands of her husband.

See her post below;

She decided to share her story because she have the idea that a problem shared is a problem that is likely to be solved.

Knowing her current predicament, what would you advise be if you came across such a helpless lady..?


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