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Never Use Cotton Bud & These Materials For Your Ear Wax, Use This Instead & Follow This Instruction

So, what to do with your ear wax? This is what this article will reveal to you. I have been under teachings about ear, and have ala done my research.

So many people are so ignorant that they can dip any sharp thin object into their ear. This is a very bad habit, and should be corrected; some uses cotton bud which isn’t firm, thereby leaving the cotton bud inside the ear and causing further complications.

Firstly, you don’t have to bother yourself if the ear doesn’t you, because your ear will sort it out on its own.

Pertaining to instruments you use in your ear, you should never use the following:

  • A Cotton bud
  • A Broom

  • A Biro Cover

  • A Hair Clip

  • A Matchstick

  • A Feather

  • A Finger

As I have mentioned earlier, all the above mentioned instruments can cause infection and deafness.

So many will be like “Cotton bud is what is generally known to be what to use to Clean one’s ear” but I tell you, cotton buds are bad for your ears, because cotton buds take out a little earwax and push the rest further into your ears.

Moreover, leave your ears alone for it expel the wax on its own. So, you’re worried about what to do; just apply one or two drops of olive oil and you’re good to go.

Another beautiful secret is that Ear wax is protective, this may sound shocking but it is a basic truth. The Ear wax protects our ears from infection and damage, for it has antibacterial features, and it traps dust and dirt in the ear canal, which do stop it from reaching the more fragile eardrum located deep in the ears.

To emphasize on this, we tend to enjoy the good feeling which comes from sticking in a cotton bud into the ears, twisting it around and taking the wax out, assuming that we are taking out “dirt” from the ears; this isn’t true.

The fact remains that cotton buds only pick on the too of the wax, takes it out while also pushing the remaining wax further down into the ears. The issue is that there is risk involved in the, which is that the DA wax which is being pushed down can affect the ear drum and make one deaf.

Also note that, the ear itself has a cleansing conveyor belt mechanism that automatically pushes out excessive ear wax, and also prevents ear wax to build up more than is necessary. We may not notice this anyways as a result of the wax getting expelled in bits in the shower or on the pillow when we sleep.

Furthermore, there are some set of people who have impacted Ear wax, who may need a bit of help with getting out their ear wax. A scenario like this only happens to about 5 out of every 100 people. Out of these people, some have problems with hearing, itching, ringing and other symptoms.

Often times, the impacted ear wax can be caused as a result of old age, long term use of cotton buds which has made wax accumulate, use of hearing aids or it just happens.

People who fall in this category can try to use two drops of olive oil drops in their ears for a few days to soften the wax, and it will fall off on its own.

However, if you’re worried or you tried some drops of olive oil with no success, see your doctor.

REMEMBER: Do not Put Anything inside your ears for it is dangerous, except the use of Olive oil drops. Two drops a day for a few days will help soften the wax, and it would naturally fall off on its own.

Even without thus, you will be fine; if you notice any infection, visit a doctor.

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