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Nigerian Soldiers Neutralized another BokoHaram group but 5 Soldiers died, check out results of the attack

Yesterday was a great day for Nigeria. According reports Nigerian Army engaged BokoHaram group in a fight and by God’s grace they defeated them.

6 Boko Haram insurgents, many others escaped with a gunshot ingury but unfortunately 5 soldiers were killed and some where injured. This news was reported uncle Deji, he is known for reporting military news.

In his words he said “UPDATE: Troops yesterday Sunday engaged BokoHaram armed with 2 VBIED around Kafa axis, #Borno. 6 insurgents killed & several escaped with gunshot wounds. Troop captured 1 guntruck & some weapons, destroyed 2 VBIED & 2 guntrucks, while 5 soldiers paid supreme price & some injured.”


President Buhari’s aide also took to his official Twitter page to congratulate Nigerian Army and sympathized with the lost Soldiers.

In his words he said “This is another great news from the battlefield. God bless Nigerian troops. A kashe su gaba daya, so their sympathizers and supporters won’t have anything to celebrate. Nigeria will win, our enemies will celebrate nothing but shame and embarrassment.”

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