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People can’t stop laughing after a lady shared what her husband just did to her underwears

Last updated on January 8, 2021

The lady who goes by the name of Kim’s mom left people in stitches on Twitter after she shared what her husband of 10 years just did to her underwears. The blessing is when you get both love and friendship in a relationship.

Kim’s mom is happily married but yesterday her husband did what was so unexpected of him. According to this lady she was so confused when her husband asked for pair of scissors, she searched and give it to him not knowing that her husband was up to no good “Not my husband asking me for pair of scissors, Kanti he wants to cut my panties and bra’s he doesn’t like” Wrote this lady.

In the comments section people were laughing like there is no tomorrow “I think you must hide you weaves dear; you dont know what next” a twitter user teasing this lady. Some twitter users were consoling her “He will buy new ones” wrote a Twitter user. Now leave a comment below and mention a weird thing that your partner ever did to you. S

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