‘Right Now It’s Pretty Much Illegal To Go To Church’


According to the rapper, it is now pretty much illegal to go to church and his comments come after the pandemic hit the country hard once again.

South Africa has now placed strict measures to ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled considering the number of new infections recorded daily.

Taking to his social media handle on Twitter, the rapper wrote;

“Right now it’s pretty much illegal to go church. Stay woke.”

This particular post came after he reiterated an earlier post he made in a recent post. Days ago, he urged South Africans not to replace their faith in God with faith in science. He was chastised by many of his followers after making that post.

Making another post about that statement he made in that earlier post, he said;

“When I said “don’t replace your faith in God with a faith in Science” y’all looked at me crazy.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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