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School Resumption Date: Federal Ministry Of Education Will Notify Nigerians If There’s Change – PTF

January 18, date stated for school Resumption in the country will only change if Federal Ministry Of Education gives a new date after ongoing consultation.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) National Co-ordinate, Dr Sani Aliyu gave this clarification in an exclusive interview with NTA.

Mixed Reactions On Twitter

ISIAQ, Koyum@KiAyinde

Why are the ministry playing with our emotions. What is there to review till you give late directives right after we have halted our daily lives activities to resume in school.

Can you not review this whole matter once and for all thus we can be positive all way forward.

I was set to travel back to school today until I went all up through the news page only to find out the date is now under review , now again it’s coming to be ‘school resume 18th except ‘ except what ??? What is the delay on making the final decision on that part

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