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See the moment an Almajiri boy blew a kiss at a pretty lady in her car after she told him to leave.

Last updated on January 10, 2021

I share with you in this article the moment an Almajiri boy blew a kiss at the pretty lady that told her to leave her side.

The young lady was taking selfies inside the car when the Almajiri boy appeared from no where, the lady was surprised on seeing the young boy and told him to leave.

The Almajiri boy kept his cool even when the lady told him to leave, then the boy blew her a kiss.

The lady was so surprised as she burst into laughter when the boy blew her a kiss and kept begging her.

This got people talking on social media as many are of the opinion why is he begging her. Is it for her to whine her screen down and kiss him or why is he begging after he blew her a kiss.

See the moment is captured in pictures. Check out the photos below and be kind to share your thought with us … the comment box.

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