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See The Only Nigeria Ex-Governor That Is In Prison And Will Spend More Than 8 Years There

In Nigeria, only a sitting President, Vice President, Governors and deputy governors have immunity from criminal prosecution. But once they are out of office, they can be prosecuted and jailed if found guilty of a criminal offence.

So many ex-Governors have been prosecuted, some jailed and later acquitted and freed, only one ex-Governor, Joshua Dariye is in Nigeria prison as at today and he will spend more than 8 years imprisoned.

Joshua Chibi Dariye was a former Governor of Jos for two term. Before he entered the red chamber of the National Assembly. In 2018 he was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment by an Abuja High Court after the EFCC charged him to the said court for money laundering. His sentenced have been reduced to 10 years from 14 years. If he serve his 10 years sentence, he will be the first ex-Governor to spend 10 years in prison. Presently, he is the only ex-Governor in prison.

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