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Stop Eating These 7 Fruits With Banana If You Want To Be Healthy

Highly recommendable for children and adults as we combine with other foods and fruits because of the beneficial ingredients that are added to the body.

However, there is a limit to our intake of bananas and certain fruits and foods.

This article helps to enlighten you on these fruits and foods which we take in with banana due to lack of knowledge.

1. Watermelon:

The Melon family including cantaloupe, muskmelons, honeydews and more are highly acidic. They never pair up with any foods as they need to digest themselves due to their great water content. Banana on its own is a sweet fruit. Try not to mix banana and watermelon. Both are also rich in potassium ions, the level of the blood mineral could lead to increased kidney failure, abnormal heart rhythms and joint problems.

2. Apple:

Try not to mix apples and bananas for a better digestion.

3. Guava:

Some studies attest that you should mix bananas and guava because it increases your chances of nausea, lots of gases, stomach pains and headache.

4. Yoghurt/Milk:

It seems sweet while taking it in but becomes sour down in your stomach. This leads to stomach heaviness, bloat, fatigue and difficulty to eliminate waste.

5. Potatoes:

Potatoes contain high dietary fibre content just as bananas. Eating both become difficult to digest, possibly leading to symptoms of discomfort and intoxication. It is best to space them about half an hour apart.

6. Tomatoes:

Vegetables should not be mixed with fruits for proper digestion.

7. Oranges:

Orange is acidic and should not be mixed with banana because of its high water content which can further lead to stomach indigestion and bloat.

‘Our healths need to be considered first in all for us to live to our expected years’.

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