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Use These 3 Methods To Woo Any Girl You Love If You Are Shy To Approach Her

Not all men are bold to approach girls they wish to date, some men are very shy that they sometimes lose the women they love out of timidity and shyness.

Anyway, this article will guide such a shy man who can’t talk to a girl he loves because he is shy to do so. Below are 3 methods a shy man can use to approach any girl;

1. Buy her an expensive gift.

You can buy a girl a valuable gift to show that you love her very much and you value her even more than how the gift costs. The girl will understand that you love her and that’s why you gave her the gift.

In this way, the girl may open up and ask the man if he loves her. Easily, you will just tell her you love her and you want her in your life.

2. Go and meet her parents.

A responsible man who is shy to approach a girl can go and meet her parents to explain how much he loves their daughter, this is advised by Islam and Christianity to avoid an unpleasant relationship.


3. Text her on social media. 

Social media has made almost everything easy for us nowadays. We don’t write letters on paper anymore as they did in the 1990s, we just switch on our data network and surf the web to meet any girl of one’s desire.

You can search for the girl you love by her username on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, send her a friend request and start chatting with her after she accepts. You just need to text her respectfully and honorably to make her reply to you responsibly. In this way, you will eventually become her friend online and later open up to her that you love her.

Those are 3 methods a man who is shy to talk to a girl can use to woo her. You can add other methods you know and share them with us in the comments section below.

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