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Will.i.am Offers An Uplifting Alternative On “American Dream”

Will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas are no strangers to standing up in the name of justice, as they previously did on their beloved single “Where Is The Love” all those years ago. And while the Peas aren’t as active a presence as they once were, will.i.am has come through to speak on some of the issues that have been plaguing society — though in a refreshing turn, he does his best to imbue the track with a dose of optimism.  “Statistically they say I’ll be in the penitentiary,” he sings. “So I’ma get on that college track and go to an Ivy League.”

He proceeds to give further hope to the youth as he redefines the American Dream, following the inspiration lead Nas sparked on “I Can’t,” albeit in a significantly more pop-friendly package. Of course, some will likely write Will’s latest off as overtly saccharine, though it’s likely they’re not the target audience to begin with. It’s clear that his lyrics on the benefit of pursuing higher education and the opportunities such pursuits open up are meant to inspire, and anyone who walks away feeling motivated should be counted as a victory.

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you’re vibing with will.i.am’s uplifting message to young people of all walks ot life. 


Teach me the skills that I will need
To unlock all the roadblocks and get that master’s degree
And fill the workforce vacancy
And introduce brand new industries
Because the jobs of the future
Are gonna come from someone just like me

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