Your job and your life purpose

Your job and your life purpose

At this time recession many are losing their jobs. Even well trained professional are suffering from lack of adequate employment to earn justifiable income. Young graduates are the worst hit. An advertisement for a single vacancy attracts hundred of application, demonstrating that there is acute shortage of jobs. Some graduate decide to study for more degrees to have a competitive edge in employment opportunities, some learn different trades and skills to qualify for certain jobs.


The question is how does the change of fortunes affect God’s plan and purpose for your life? How does the recession affect the wonderful promises of God for his children? In Jeremiah 29:11 God promises, ” for i know the though that i think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Can recession change God’s purpose for your life? The answer is no. Recession is already built into the divine plan because it did not come as a surprise to God as it came to you. That is why he said in Job 5:20, ” in famine he shall redeem thee from death.”

More to that in Romans 11:29, ” for Gods gifts and call are irrevocable. ” God does not withdraw what he has given, nor does he change his mind about those to whom he gives grace, your job may be terminated but your God given assignment is not terminated, this is the difference between the job you do to earn or generate income and the work you do to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Sometimes termination of your job or collapse of your business make you reflect on the true work God has assigned to you.

When you are carrying out Gods assignment, he make all the necessary provisions and resources available for you to succeed, your success give God glory. We may face many challenges or surely have unforeseen difficulties that take us by surprise, this happen to everyone but God has assured us that he will always make a way of escape from such challenges.

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